Criminal Defense Investigator Academy - Fall 2010
Graduates included Federal Public Defender Investigators, State Public Defender Investigators and Private Investigators from around the country






CDITC National training schedule, Board Certification and Advanced Training Programs:


Training Programs
DATES: June 11 -15, 2012

The program of instruction utilizes the text Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component Method – A Comprehensive Guide for the Criminal Defense Investigator As a reference guide. Participants will discuss and study diverse intellectual and philosophical approaches to investigation and the practical application of critical and creative thinking. The following components of investigative procedure will be discussed as a fundamental strategy and formula for conducting a comprehensive criminal defense investigation from a forensic perspective. Again, the instruction is focused upon a strategic approach designed to gain optimal results. This program is an extended version of the 8-hour seminar.

The Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation:

Philosophy and Methodology of Investigation
Law - Legal Defenses - Defense Theories
Forensic Case Review & Analysis - Component 1
The Defendant Interview - Component 2
Crime Scene Examination - Component 3
Impeachment/Background Inquiries - Component 4
Witness Interviewing & Statements - Component 5
Report Writing & Testifying - Component 6
Forensic & Specialized Training Topics:

Sex Crimes Investigations
Computer Forensics and Data Recovery Techniques
Blood Spatter Analysis / Blood Detection
Medical/Death Investigations
Homicide Investigation - Theory and Practice

Participants are instructed in the discipline of criminal defense investigation. In addition, the value of the investigator is addressed as it relates to the pursuit of truth and justice. Upon completion, participants will understand the concept of reasonable doubt and understand what is necessary to manage and conduct a comprehensive criminal defense investigation.

* Text book included with Tuition.
* Satisfies the Academic Requirements for CDITC Board Certification.


Brandon A. Perron, CCDI
Anthony Pullano, CCDI
Brad Perron, CCDI
Robert Wyman
Mark Murnan, CCDI
Dean Beers, CLI

Registration Fees:

Complete Program - 4 days/32 hours ------------ $550.00

Component Method - 2 1/2 days/20 hours ------ $350.00

Specialty Crime Investigation TBA 1/2 day/4 hours -------- $85.00

Computer Forensics & Data Recovery - 1/2 day/4 hours ----$85.00

Forensics Program TBA - 1/2 day / 4 hours --- $85.00

Special - TBA 1 day/ 8hours ---- $150.00

CALL 1-800-465-5233 --- For more information.

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Courtyard Hutchinson Island Beachfront
10978 South Ocean Drive
Jensen Beach, FL 34957
(772) 229-1000

The venue hotel is located beachfront on a barrier island surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty. The richly appointed rooms offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean or amazing sunsets over the Indian River Lagoon. The beach is the ideal spot to enjoy the splendor and relaxation that only being on the ocean can provide. If you prefer freshwater, the pool & hot tub with a tropical waterfall await you. Poolside, Latitudes Tiki Bar & Grille serves all your favorite drinks, as well as lunch and light dinner.

Hotel Information and Reservations: Ask for the CDITC or Govt. Discounted Rates!

Nearest Airport: Palm Beach International, West Palm Beach, Florida.


Monday - 9:30 am - 5:30 pm - Introduction / Legal Defenses / Component Method
Tuesday - 9:30 am - 5:30 pm - Component Method - Fundamentals.
Wednesday - 9:30 am - 1:00 pm - Component Method - Fundamentals.
- 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm - Specialty Crimes Investigation TBA
Thursday - 9:30 pm - 1:00 pm - Computer Forensics & Data Recovery Techniques.
- 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm - Forensics program TBA
Friday - 9:30 am - 5:30 pm - Special Guest program -



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CDITC BOARD CERTIFICATION TRAINING PROGRAMS: 8-32 hours of training in the Component Method of criminal defense investigation. Successful completion of this intensive training program will satisfy the academic requirements to become a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator.


Students learning The Component Method at Northeastern University in Massachusettes



CDI 101 – The Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation – This course presents the Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation in a comprehensive format designed to address the training needs of new or experienced investigators.  The basic philosophy of criminal defense investigation and theory of investigative critical thinking are examined, as is the concept of reasonable doubt.  The Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation is the central focus of the course, which emphasizes practical application of the investigative techniques and theories discussed.

  • TEXT: Uncovering Reasonable Doubt, Perron (Morris Publishers, N.J.) 1998
  • The course can be presented in a two (2) to four (4) hour format, an eight (8) to twelve (12) hour format, or a forty (40) hour academy level format.
  • Also available as an on-line course.


CDI 202 – Advanced Interviewing for the Criminal Defense Investigator – This course builds upon and enhances theories and concepts of investigative interviewing covered in the introductory Component Method training.  Investigative interviewing, as distinct from interrogation and/or talk therapy, is discussed as it relates to the process of criminal defense.  Practical issues, such as the significance of sworn statements and witness interviewing strategies, are covered, as are the purpose and theory behind Kinesic interviewing, cognitive interviewing, standard law enforcement interviews, and the visual imagery techniques.  The theory of Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery is introduced to the seasoned investigator.  Other practical and theoretical issues relevant to the role of the criminal defense investigator are also addressed.  The significance of interviewing to obtain “testimonial evidence”  from a forensic perspective is emphasized.

  • TEXT:  To be announced.
  • Can be presented in a two (2) to four (4) hour or eight (8) to twelve (12) hour formats.


CDI 203 – Ethics and Critical Thinking for Criminal Defense Investigation – This course examines the scope and nature of professional ethics in criminal defense investigation and illustrates the role of critical and creative thinking as the investigator’s most important professional skill.  Analytical, philosophical, and psychological theories will be discussed as they apply to practical investigative tasks.  A scenario based learning format will be used to raise ethical issues for discussion and to provide a context for interactive investigative case analysis. 

  • TEXT:  Critical and Ethical Foundations of Criminal Defense Investigation, Grego, R.
  • Can be conducted in two (2) to four (4) hour or eight (8) hour formats.


CDI 204 – Forensic Applications – In this course basic applications of criminal forensic science are examined as they apply to criminal defense investigation.  The investigator’s ability to utilize forensic experts as investigative tools is emphasized.  Topics include: how to critique a crime scene, documentation/photography, blood detection/spatter interpretation, true evidence, gun shot, prints, and DNA. 

  • TEXT: Injury and Death Investigations
  • Can be presented in two (2) to four (4) hour or eight (8) hour formats.


CDI 205-210 – Special Topics

CDI 205 – Homicide Investigation – In this program, you will learn about a variety of homicides committed in America.  This seminar will provide thought provoking analysis of the different types of murders including mass murder, gang related homicide, terrorist acts, drug related deaths, and domestic violence homicide.  In this three-hour seminar, you will learn defense investigation techniques and methods of uncovering reasonable doubt in a homicide investigation.  You will evaluate a variety of homicides in an analytical format, which will enhance your development as a criminal defense investigator.

CDI 207 – Testifying: Direct and Cross Examination Practicum – This course discusses the essential knowledge and skills required in order to effectively present investigative data and analysis in court.  Participants will receive scenario-based training in courtroom demeanor and testimony.


The Public Defender Intern Investigator Training Program – The Public Defender Intern Investigator Training Program is provided to Public Defender agencies that wish to either augment or restructure their investigative staff.  The program enables an office to train, supervise, and maintain an investigative contingent of interns capable of intake, processing, interviewing clients, and conducting investigations.  This program has been successfully implemented by the 19th Judicial Circuit office of the Florida Public Defender.  It entails a comprehensive process whereby lead investigators or training coordinators and/or staff are trained in the Component Method of criminal defense investigation for the purpose of training and supervising intern investigators.  The office is also provided forms and guidelines regarding how to successfully utilize and maintain an intern program.  Follow up training and consulting is also provided.  This program has been an invaluable resource for the 19th Judicial Circuit Office of the Public Defender since 1994, saving the agency thousands of dollars yearly and providing hundreds of investigative hours free of charge.

 The 150 hour training program consists of academy level instruction presented by Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigators.  The program of study generally runs a course of three months but can be customized to suit the needs of each individual agency.  Upon successful completion of the program, intern investigators receive a training certificate documenting the valuable training and experience obtained while enrolled in the program.  Field and Academic Commendations are presented to deserving students as well as the presentation of the “Sleuth Award” to the student who distinguishes themselves among their peers. 

  • Tuition Free.  Textbook fee of $ 30.00



Brandon A. Perron, CCDI, FCI – Brandon A. Perron founded Investigative Support Specialist, Inc. in 1989 following meritorious service as a Criminal Investigator with the United States Air Force and as a Florida Public Defender Investigator.  In 1998 he was named one of the “Top Ten Private Investigation leaders in the United States”, by P.I. Magazine and has been qualified by the courts as an “expert in criminal investigation”.  Mr. Perron earned the designation as a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator and a Florida Certified Investigator and is recognized nationally as a leader in his field.  He has successfully investigated thousands of complex criminal cases, including hundreds of homicides and sexual battery cases.  Mr. Perron is the author of Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component Method – Comprehensive Guide for the Criminal Defense Investigator, an industry guide for conducting criminal defense investigations.  Mr. Perron and his staff have assisted some of the nation’s finest trial lawyers in clearing over 300 defendants falsely accused of a crime and countless cases resulting in reduced charges and attractive plea bargains.  He continues to lecture and train government and private sector investigators across the country as the National Director of the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council and the training director for the Florida 19th Judicial Circuit Public Defender.  Mr. Perron founded and developed the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council, which was spawned from the program he developed for the Florida Public Defender System.  He is also the developer and instructor for the Investigative Studies Program at the Criminal Justice Training Institute, Indian River Community College in Fort Pierce, Florida.  Mr. Perron is also an active member of the National Defender Investigator Association, The National Association of Legal Investigators, and the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators.

 Dr. Richard F. Grego, CCDI, CPE – Dr. Richard F. Grego is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator and holds a M.A. degree in history and a doctorate in philosophy from the State University of New York.  He is also the Academic Director for the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council.  Dr. Grego’s study of philosophy as it relates to the concept of truth is demonstrated in his capacity as a Certified Polygraph Examiner and graduate of The International Academy of Polygraph.  Dr. Grego has taught critical thinking, philosophy, and history at the State University of New York, Castleton State College in Vermont, and Indian River Community College, where he is currently a member of the faculty.  He has investigative experience as a Florida Public Defender Investigator, Florida State Department of Probation and Parole Investigative Specialist, and as a Private Investigator in New York, Boston, and Florida where he currently maintains licensing.  Dr. Grego’s philosophical approach to the discipline of criminal defense investigation has revolutionized the professional perspective of the investigative process.

Bradley A. Perron, CCDI, FCI – Bradley A. Perron is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator and a Florida Certified Investigator.  He has been qualified by the courts as an “expert in the discipline of bloodstain pattern analysis and blood detection”.  Mr. Perron holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biological science and a minor in mathematics from Roger Williams College in Rhode Island.  Mr. Perron is also a graduate of numerous specialized training programs including Significance of Bloodstain Evidence, Detecting Blood at the Crime Scene, The Investigation of Death, and several other forensic technology programs.  He is a member of the International Association of Identification, one of the oldest and most respected associations committed to the science of forensic identification.  Mr. Perron is a member of the faculty at Indian River Community College and a member of the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council Executive Council.  He is also a member of Mensa – The High IQ Society and demonstrates his intellectual acuity on a variety of assignments presenting difficult questions.

Thomas P. Shamshak Sr., CCDI – Thomas P. Shamshak, Sr. is the President of Shamshak Investigative Services, Inc., a full service private investigation firm with offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island.  He established his business in 1999, after a 21 year law enforcement career.  He served in three Massachusetts police agencies.  From 1978 to 1990, he was a member of the Somerville Police Department, where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant, and served as Night Patrol Commander.  From 1990 to 1995, he was Chief of the Spencer Police Department.  From 1995 to 1999, he was Chief of the Winthrop Police Department.  In 1976, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology at Suffolk University.  In 1980, he earned a Master of Science degree at Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Criminal Justice.  Mr. Shamshak is a graduate of the Boston Police Academy and ranked number one in his class.  He attended the New England Institute of Law Enforcement Management at Babson College, as well as the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar.  He has taught criminal justice courses at Middlesex Community College and Anna Maria College.  He has served as a trainer and consultant for police agencies, municipalities, the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council, the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, the Massachusetts Trial Court, the National Internal Affairs Investigators Association, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  He is a member of the Licensed Private Detectives Association of Rhode Island.  He is also a member of the Licensed Private Detectives Association of Massachusetts, and serves as a member of the LPDAM’s Board of Directors.  Mr. Shamshak is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator and is an Executive Council member of the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council.

Matthew Whalen, CCDI – Matthew Whalen is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator with over a decade of experience as an investigator with the Connecticut State Public Defender system.  His criminal justice experience also includes two years with the Connecticut Department of Corrections and six years as a Deputy Sheriff with the New Haven County Sheriff’s Department.  He is a nationally respected and distinguished member of the criminal defense investigation profession and currently serves as the vice-president of the National Defender Investigator Association.  Mr. Whalen is also a prominent member of the CDITC Executive Council.

Mark J. Murnan, CCDI – Mark J. Murnan is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator who has extensive experience in the discipline of criminal defense investigation.  He spent six years as an investigator for the Florida Public Defender, 15th Judicial Circuit, West Palm Beach, Florida and three years as a private contractor conducing court appointed indigent investigations.  For the past seven years Mr. Murnan has been employed as a Federal Public Defender Investigator for the Southern District of Florida and has recently entered into the private sector specializing in criminal defense investigation.  He holds a BA degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Nebraska and is currently a member of the CDITC Advisory Board as well as a Regional Director for the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators.

Gary McDaniel, CCDI, FCI – Gary McDaniel is one of Florida’s most respected private investigation leaders.  He is the owner and principal of Pretext Services, Inc., of West Palm Beach, and specializes in high profile criminal cases.  He has gained extensive national recognition for his investigative expertise, offering commentary for a number of network news programs including the Fox Network.  Mr. McDaniel is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator and a Florida Certified Investigator.  In addition, he is a member of the CDITC Advisory Board and recipient of the CDITC Meritorious Service Award in 2001 for his actions in an international criminal case.  He hold BA degree in Criminal Justice from Florida State University.  

Diana L.Queen, CCDI – Diana L. Queen, Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator and national advisory board member of the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council, currently works for the Capital Trial Branch, Department of Public Advocacy in Frankfort, Kentucky.  Prior to her current role, she investigated death penalty cases with the Capital Post Conviction Branch of the same agency.  Ms. Queen is a graduate of the Kentucky State Police Academy, serving as a Trooper and Detective throughout eastern and central Kentucky.  Ms. Queen holds specialized certifications from the DEA and the FBI in Narcotics Investigation and Applied Science and has 12 years experience in the Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice field.  Ms. Queen attended Marshall University, Murray State University, and is currently pursuing a BA in Organizational Management.  Ms. Queen is a teacher and advisor with the Kentucky Innocence Project in collaboration with law students at the University Law School and Northern Kentucky University Law Schools.  She also has been a guest lecturer at the Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (KACDL).


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