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The Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council was established to encourage a dialogue among professionals and scholars involved in various aspects of criminal defense investigation. The Council exists as an open forum in which investigative philosophy, methodology, education, and principles of ethical inquiry can be considered via academic training programs, discussions, debate, and writings. The Council is actively pursuing the goals of professional competence and academic excellence via the Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator program and the Training Accreditation Program. The Council encourages professionals actively engaged in the discipline of Criminal Defense Investigation to join the Council and pursue the designation of Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator.

"The time has come to collectively establish our position as professional
criminal defense investigators and advocates of the truth." 

- Brandon A. Perron, L.P.I., C.C.D.I.
National Director

For distance learning information please call
1 (800) 465-5233

Click on the Boston University link above to get information on their Certificate in Professional Investigation. This program of study was delevoped in part utilizing the Component Method and CDITC Advisory Board members. Boston University's list of required textbooks for this program includes "Uncovering Reasonable Doubt" The Component Method. The CDITC is proud to be an integral part of this Prestigious Program of Study at Boston University. The CDITC has endorsed this program as meeting the educational requirements leading to the designation as a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator, and the designation of CCDI.


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